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October 04, 2008


Jerry D. Hill

Why would we lower the bar for younger politicians?

Is being a dynamic speaker enough?

Is coming across as someone whoes very attitude is enough to bring change, really enough to qualify them as leadership material in America?

Tell me the difference between Obama and Palin?

Both are attractive. Both are dynamic speakers. Neither have much Presidential background, but appear to want to do well.

What are we expecting from our politicians. Professional politicians are compassionate American Patriots?

We have had years of professional politicians and look where we are. How about a change. Get a couple in there with no experience at all just a burning desire to do it right. Palin for President would be the equal of Obama for President.

Too bad we have to carry dead weight in our elections. More people need to be at the grass roots level. Then we the people would have more of a voice in this matter.

Jerry D. Hill (http://www.jerry-hill.com)

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