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February 28, 2019


Pat Borchardt

So you think that a person who thinks we can retro fit
All the buildings in the United States, shut down air travel, take trains
Across ocean, put up wind farms that need to be manufactured with the use of fossil
Fuel plus transport the thing , get ride of cows is the person
We’re suppose to aspire to?
Because she asked questions rapidly? Or is it because she
Pointed out a rich guy does everything he can to pay less taxes?
Wow she really hit it out of the park
Good thing according to her and the Al Gore’s of the world who said the planet
Is going to explode or dye in the next 10 years
We won’t have to listen to this 29 yr old for much longer
Wait Al said that 30 yrs ago she wasn’t even born yet
But I bet she read his book in the 8th grade as asigned

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